VMware Partnership Perspectives

Unleashing Your Potential With the Data Cloud - Guest: Colleen Kapase, Snowflake

October 1, 2021

Colleen Kapase has been very busy lately. As SVP of WW Partner and Alliances at Snowflake, she spearheaded the launch of their data-driven partner network just over a year ago and has helped the company build unprecedented growth and success. In our latest episode, we catch up with Colleen on her successful journey from over a decade at VMware to helping lead one of the fastest-growing cloud-first data warehousing companies in the world. She and Kathleen discuss Colleen’s current responsibility of driving Snowflake’s entire partner ecosystem, the ins and outs of getting your data to the cloud, and why Snowflake, the Data Cloud, as a consumption-based model is the safest and most sophisticated way to store sensitive information. Enjoy this insightful conversation with a true industry trailblazer.


About the Guest: Colleen Kapase is Senior Vice President of WW Partner and Alliances at Snowflake. You can find Colleen on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ckapase/, or on Twitter at @ColleenKapase.


About the Host: Kathleen Tandy is Vice President of Global Partner and Alliance Marketing at VMware. You can find Kathleen on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ktandy85/, or on Twitter at @kaktandy.

To learn more about VMware's partner programs, please visit: https://www.vmware.com/partners/partner-executive-edge.html.

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