VMware Partnership Perspectives

Innovating Through Continuous Collaboration - Guest: Chris Wolf, Chief Research and Innovation Officer, VMware

January 31, 2022

According to Chris Wolf, Chief Research and Innovation Officer at VMware, it’s all about incubating and building important new technologies that become products. That’s why VMware is aligning with partners, customers, and R&D business units to innovate not just for the sake of innovation, but to help companies prepare for an uncertain future. In this episode, Kathleen and Chris discuss the importance of co-innovation with partners at the early stages of research and development, and how collaborating with Business Units on a per-project basis is an “intentionally inefficient” way of innovating—and also the right way. Chris has a special ability to communicate complex technology trends in ways that make them more accessible and promote deeper understanding. Hear his expert insights in this fascinating conversation.

About the Guest: Chris Wolf is Chief Research and Innovation Officer at VMware. You can find Chris on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cswolf/.

About the Host: Kathleen Tandy is Vice President of Global Partner and Alliances Marketing at VMware. You can find Kathleen on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ktandy85/, or on Twitter at @kaktandy.
To learn more about VMware's partner programs, please visit https://www.vmware.com/partners/partner-executive-edge.html.

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